The RV sewer hose support shopping guide


This is 4 things RVer should know before buy RV Sewer hose support

Ease of deployment

You definitely don’t want to get stuck with something that you are unable to deploy without creating a mess. A good set must let you set it up and put it down effortlessly so pay attention to the operation of the products. Therefore, stay away from products that you don’t think you can handle and manipulate effectively.

Flexibility and stability

Hose supports have to navigate a wide range of terrain so flexibility is an important factor to consider. Therefore, take a good look at the supports ability to adapt to different angle and height then compare it with your camping ground. While you are at it, check out the supports stability as well and see whether they could stabilize the sewer hose or not. Wobble supports would actually decrease the performance of the hose instead of increasing it.  

The material endurance

Since hose supports would often be exposed to outside elements and weathers, you must check out the strength of the material. If the supports utilize flimsy material, they could fail and wreck the sewer hose in the process so be careful.

The price and quality

You don’t have to go overboard and strain your budget to get a good set of hose support. For most of the time, you could get a nice product at a reasonable cost as long as you are willing to look. However, the price of a product is more or less related to its quality. While expensive sets would not always guarantee satisfaction, don’t expect top-notch performance from dirt cheap products.

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